Scratch is een jong Belgisch label van kwaliteitsspeelgoed, bekend om zijn unieke en stijlvolle designs.

Designed in Belgium

Scratch is a real Belgian company. And Scratch wouldn’t exist today without the enthusiasm of the team behind it. Our team of young parents and toy specialists knows as none other what children and parents are looking for in toyland and translate it into wonderful product designs that always go hand in hand with safety. Scratch keeps on innovating with new ideas and themes that focus on the children’s development. Playing is discovering and Scratch takes you on that adventure!

From little to big

Each Scratch toy is suited to the age of the children who will play with it and stimulates the  development of important skills such as fine motor skills, making  connections, recognising shapes and colours, solving problems, walking or  cycling, etc. The collection contains balance bikes, four-wheelers, walkhelps,  rocking horses, little chairs and tables, but also musical instruments, puzzles,  mind games and a lot of other toys. Wonderfully delightful designs, a spot of  nostalgia, the timeless beauty of wood and all of that combined with a whiff of  humour. That is what makes a Scratch toy what it is.

Playing safe

Scratch toys are designed in Belgium. For production, we work together with manufacturers in Europe and Asia. All our manufacturers are carefully selected and monitored regularly on important criteria such as quality and safety. All Scratch toys are tested a copious number of times and comply with European and international quality standards. From design to production, safety is always on our minds. Parents can hand their little ones a Scratch toy and be sure that it’s safe. 

Nicely wrapped

We are convinced of the power of a nicely packaged toy. Scratch packages are much more than mere protection for their contents. They give our customers an instant wow-feeling when they first look at the toy. Their sleek and calm design, in combination with high value and durable cardboard, make for a stylish appeal. Thanks to the large and colourful pictures and practical icons on the box, it’s instantly clear what’s in it. Our packaging is made so that children can easily open it and take their toys with them. Some of these boxes are made by hand and meant for permanent storage. In short, Scratch toys are the most wonderful presents you can give for births, birthdays or any other special occasion.

Easy to maintain

Scratch products are made from various different materials. We use several types of wood, textiles, cardboard and metal (coming soon). The carefully selected Scratch colours appeal to the young and the not-so-young and fit in with every child’s bedroom or interior. The wheels of wheeled toys are fitted with rubber so that they don’t leave scuff marks on the floor. All of our products can be cleaned with a moist cloth.
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